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I am an inclusion/content mastery teacher.  I have Math, English and History Inclusion classes as well as some classes in Content Mastery!
1st     CM class
2nd    W. Histoy
3rd    CM class
4th    W. History
5th    conference
6th    W. History
7th    English 1
8th    Algebra 1

When you come to Content Mastery, your EXPECTATIONS & PROCEDURES will be:

• Enter the classroom and travel through the halls in an orderly fashion! (Wait for directions and a pass from your teacher and then report directly, without going to the bathroom or getting a drink, to the Content Mastery Classroom without disrupting others.)
• *Sign in & out each time you come in!
• *Have a pass! (You must have a pass to travel through the halls.)
• *Be prepared! (Bring all necessary supplies, including your assignment.)
• *Be considerate of others! (Work quietly and with a positive attitude)
• *Maintain passing grades! (Mandatory tutoring could be put in place)

:CM tutorials are held daily from 730-7:45 A.M. and 3:20 - 3:50 P.M.